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artsy_shmartsy's Journal

26 June 1989
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The liza (elizaveta sergeievna) is a bipedal primate belonging to the mammalian species, Homo sapiens in the family Hominidaeis, native to central Asia. It is easily recognized by its great heigh, standing proudly up to 175 cm and to it's strangely shaped nose. Though technically an omnivore, the liza has a diet which is 88% sweets. However, she may eat other foods such as fruits, vegetables, yogurts and milk.

The liza is an endangered animal; o lizas live in the wild and 1 is reported to live in captivity at the end of 2oo6 in Canada. No reports show any changes in the numbers of lizas.

The liza has long been a favorite of the public, at least partly on account of the fact that the species has an appealing baby-like cuteness. The fact that it is usually depicted reclining peacefully eating lollipops, as opposed to hunting, also adds to its image of innocence. Though the liza is often assumed docile because of their cuteness, they have been known to attack humans, usually assumed to be out of irritation rather than predatory behavior.

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